Technical Support

At CSG, we go the extra mile to provide support services that help make implementing and using our software an empowering experience. While the implementation of our products is notably simple, there is always a period of adjustment and learning and we here to help during this transition and beyond! We want our customers to consider CSG an extension of their office and know that there is always someone willing to help.

Our Support Staff

Annette Rodriguez, Techical Support

Annette Rodriguez

As the Director of Customer Relations and Support, Annette has overseen software quality control, testing, implementation, support and training for the last 20+ years. Annette also has a combined 20 years of experience in working at a Community Action Agency in Western Massachusetts administering Energy Assistance Programs and facilitating data collection for CSBG reporting. She is the Oma (grandmother) of 4 children and three dogs.

Cheri Rodriguez Jones Technical Support

Cheri Rodriguez Jones

Cheri has been a Technical Analyst at Community Software Group for 10 years. Her core focus is on data and server management, cloud computing infrastructure and is certified as an Amazon Web Services Architect Associate. She values her ability to contribute to supporting state CSBG and CAA office staff as they support members of their communities. Cheri and her husband share two human and two fur children. She has volunteered for several local campaigns and holds an elected position as Affirmative Action & Outreach Advisor to a civic organization in her community.

Laura Mason, technical support

Laura Mason

Laura Mason, Technical Advisor at Community Software Group for 7 years with 20 years working in customer or technical support. Laura is focused on dedicated client account management, and values her professional relationships with members of NASCSP staff, several state CSBG office staff, and dozens of CAA staff members. These relationships have provided Laura with a deep understanding of ROMA Next Generation, client data collection and the reporting needs of our CSBG customers. Laura is the mother of 2 kids, 2 dogs and is owned by a cat.

Remy Miller, Technical Support

Remy Miller

Remy Miller, Technical Analyst for Community Software Group (CSG), specializing in case management and state oversight software technical support for community action agencies. She comes to CSG from the Fuel Assistance and Weatherization programs of a community action agency. She loves dessert and dogs.

Ruth Lapriore, Technical Support

Ruth Lopriore

Technical Advisor and the newest member of the Support Team, Ruth began working at CSG in July 2019. She brings with her 20+ years of customer service and technical support experience. Ruth is also new to the Community Action world and is learning a great deal about the amazing work agencies provide throughout the country to help end poverty. Ruth enjoys traveling with her husband Thom, spending time with him and their two cats, Prudence and Sadie. She dabbles in photography and vegan cooking. She is also the proud Aunt to two amazing little boys.

If you have a question, need assistance or would like to try our software, please contact Laura Mason at 508-890-8800 option 1, or

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