Our Commitment To Assisting Non-Profits In Supporting Low-Income Families.

A commitment to helping nonprofits support low-income families is the cornerstone of why CSG was founded. Nowhere is that better evident than in our sales and support for smaller agencies.  

CSG Engage, our highly configurable case management tool, has a fee structure that scales to accommodate agencies of all sizes. And, since our software is a browser-based, software-as-service product, typical office workstations are all that is needed to use it. The crowning jewel in this package is our unlimited support policy. Your questions and concerns are fielded by technical advisors who take pride in building the relationships that make it easy to get help and ask “what if?” questions about how our software can continue being tailored to your needs.

Homeless Prevention Council (HPC), a nonprofit in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, has been our CSG Engage client for two-plus years. Technical Analyst Remy Miller works closely with HPC to interpret and implement reporting requirements from funding and governing bodies, ensuring the report and supporting data capture are all to specifications. Of her work with HPC, Remy says, “It is very gratifying to assist HPC in the amazing work they do to help people find housing, keep people in their homes, and so much more. Their passion and understanding for their clients comes through every time they ask how to get even more value from their software system to better serve their clients and to advocate on their [clients’] behalf as they report case management data to their funding sources.”  

If you’re a nonprofit of any size seeking case management software that both delivers off the shelf and evolves with you, please consider contacting us for an information session or demo at: https://communitysoftwaregroup.com/demo/

CSG TeamOur Commitment To Assisting Non-Profits In Supporting Low-Income Families.
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