Simplifying Food Pantry Operations with the new CSG Code Scanner Mobile App/food pantry module

Food pantries are a critical part of addressing hunger and food insecurity in our communities. However, managing food distribution to those in need can be a challenging task, especially with limited resources and volunteer staff. To address those challenges, we’re excited to introduce our new mobile app designed to streamline food pantry operations and improve the client experience.

Our app utilizes QR tags that can be assigned to individual recipients and scanned at check-in and checkout, allowing for quick and accurate verification of their identity and eligibility. 

This system eliminates the need for paper records and minimizes the risk of errors and confusion.

By using our app, food pantries can reduce wait times and improve the overall efficiency of their operations while ensuring that all data is accurately recorded and easily accessible.

The app is fully integrated with CSG Engage, our case management system, which means that food pantry staff can easily access client data, including their eligibility status, history, and preferences. This feature enables the staff to provide prompt service to clients and ensure that they receive the appropriate amount and type of food.

The CSG Code Scanner app is incredibly user-friendly, with an intuitive interface that makes it easy for volunteers and staff to use. Currently it is available on iOS and can be used on a wide range of Wi-Fi enabled iPads.

People Acting in Community Endeavors (PACE) has introduced the CSG Code Scanner app in their new food bank in New Bedford, MA. They assigned over 500 QR tags in the first week of the rollout. Gary Melo, Assistant Director at the food center says, “It has single handedly made what would have been a 5 to 6-minute check-in turn into a 20-second check-in.  It has also increased the happiness of our clients that no longer have to wait in lines to sign in to get their food.

At CSG, we’re passionate about using technology to make a difference in the world. That’s why we’re thrilled to offer this innovative mobile app to food pantries, helping to ensure that food distribution is efficient, accurate, and equitable. If you’re a food pantry looking to improve your operations and better serve your community, don’t hesitate to give CSG Code Scanner app a try.

CSG TeamSimplifying Food Pantry Operations with the new CSG Code Scanner Mobile App/food pantry module
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