Our Commitment To Assisting Non-Profits In Supporting Low-Income Families.

A commitment to helping nonprofits support low-income families is the cornerstone of why CSG was founded. Nowhere is that better evident than in our sales and support for smaller agencies.  

CSG Engage, our highly configurable case management tool, has a fee structure that scales to accommodate agencies of all sizes. And, since our software is a browser-based, software-as-service product, typical office workstations are all that is needed to use it. The crowning jewel in this package is our unlimited support policy. Your questions and concerns are fielded by technical advisors who take pride in building the relationships that make it easy to get help and ask “what if?” questions about how our software can continue being tailored to your needs.

Homeless Prevention Council (HPC), a nonprofit in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, has been our CSG Engage client for two-plus years. Technical Analyst Remy Miller works closely with HPC to interpret and implement reporting requirements from funding and governing bodies, ensuring the report and supporting data capture are all to specifications. Of her work with HPC, Remy says, “It is very gratifying to assist HPC in the amazing work they do to help people find housing, keep people in their homes, and so much more. Their passion and understanding for their clients comes through every time they ask how to get even more value from their software system to better serve their clients and to advocate on their [clients’] behalf as they report case management data to their funding sources.”  

If you’re a nonprofit of any size seeking case management software that both delivers off the shelf and evolves with you, please consider contacting us for an information session or demo at: https://communitysoftwaregroup.com/demo/

CSG TeamOur Commitment To Assisting Non-Profits In Supporting Low-Income Families.
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Considering a public portal? Read about the Mass. LIHEAP Public Portal and let us know your needs.

Earlier this year, the Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) and Community Software Group jointly launched the Massachusetts LIHEAP public portal, making available an online fuel assistance application. With social distancing still in effect and agencies restricting physical access to their offices, the availability of the portal creates an additional, safe means for fuel assistance applications to be submitted and processed. 

With the public portal in place, people in Massachusetts interested in fuel assistance can find their local LIHEAP agency’s portal using a zip code locator service. If that agency is using the portal, clients can set up an account, fill out an application, schedule a phone appointment, and upload supporting documents using a web browser running on their home computer or smart phone, all on their own time. Currently more than half of Massachusetts’s 22 fuel assistance agencies have adopted the portal, and the expectation is that all agencies will have the portal for the 2021-22 fuel assistance season.

For agencies with staff working at home, the portal can be paired with Community Software Group’s cloud-based IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system, allowing both in-office and remote workers to collaborate in answering LIHEAP-related calls from a shared call center.  The office phone system is optional since calls can be answered from a browser.  The IVR system also includes an automated menu and voicemail, so that clients have 24/7 access to information about their application status and can leave a voice message that can be managed via the call center when the agency is open.  Together, the public portal and IVR system help agencies safely manage the changed workflow requirements caused by COVID-19 and social distancing.

The best news for those in every state is that the technology can be completely customized for your use.   Operation Fuel, a large fuel assistance organization in Connecticut, also uses a portal developed by Community Software Group, configured to meet their own data management and legal requirements.   Community Software Group’s portal software can be configured to handle applications and related tasks for most any type of application, with our support team able to design and modify custom data entry “flows” that function on top of an extensible, cloud-based technology stack. These flows will communicate directly with whatever CSG case management or program administration software you wish to use.

If you’re interested in hearing more about the portal or IVR technology or scheduling a demo please email Tina.Sargent@CommunitySoftwareGroup.com

CSG TeamConsidering a public portal? Read about the Mass. LIHEAP Public Portal and let us know your needs.
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How Can CSG Help My Agency During The COVID Crisis?

COVID-19 is changing how we all do business these days. From our state government clients requesting changes to LIHEAP, Weatherization, and Fiscal Reporting software to handle crucial adjustments of additional funding; changing fiscal years; and contract amendments to our non-profit clients trying to juggle more community needs; working from home; and trying to anticipate future reporting requirements. 

CSG TeamHow Can CSG Help My Agency During The COVID Crisis?
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The New CSG Client Public Portal

Are you trying to Social Distance your Staff? Do you need a remote solution for your clients to fill out an application during this pandemic? The CSG Client Public Portal can solve your needs.

CSG TeamThe New CSG Client Public Portal
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We offer one price for unlimited technical support for our client management software, CSG Engage!

Worried about asking too many questions of your software company or needing too much help? 

Don’t be! 

Community Software Group (CSG) offers one price for unlimited technical support assistance for our client management software. No more keeping track of what your agency has used up and how much time you have left.

CSG TeamWe offer one price for unlimited technical support for our client management software, CSG Engage!
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