Introducing Our New Asset Building Module

For almost three decades CSG has been dedicated to meeting the needs of those who support the low-income community by providing innovative and customized, solution-focused technology. The new Asset Building Module is a prime example of CSG’s commitment.

For many, escaping poverty seems an unattainable dream; it is difficult to plan for the future when there is not enough money to meet the needs of today. However, multiple studies indicate that assets, such home ownership or even obtaining higher education can provide security and an economic trajectory that can be life changing for low-income families. Asset Building programs are designed to provide the financial education, guidance, and incentives needed to set families on the path to self-sufficiency.

Of course, successful Asset Building programs require strategic thinking, meticulous planning, and the ability to generate meaningful data. CSG’s Asset Building Module provides a streamlined and efficient application to successfully manage Asset Building programs. The Asset Building Module allows the comprehensive management of a program from budget creation to measuring outcomes. Completely customizable, the Asset Building Module can be licensed as a standalone product or integrated with other CSG products such as Engage, for even more effective client and data management. The Asset Building Module is ideal for not only agencies, but as a state or network wide solution for online reporting between funding sources and their grantees.

If you’re a nonprofit of any size seeking case management software that both delivers off the shelf and evolves with you, please consider contacting us for an information session or demo at:

CSG TeamIntroducing Our New Asset Building Module
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