The New CSG Client Public Portal

Are you trying to Social Distance your Staff? Do you need a remote solution for your clients to fill out an application during this pandemic? The CSG Client Public Portal can solve your needs.

  • Do you need your clients to remotely fill out forms and applications and upload documents in a secure online portal?
  • Or maybe your clients just cannot rearrange their work schedule to fit your office hours … or their daycare fell through … or other life events always seem to get in the way?

Your clients can soon apply online from any smart phone or computer without stepping foot in your office using our new CSG Client Public Portal! 

Your agency can pick and choose from a growing menu of portal options and we will work closely with you to convert your intake and application forms. 

Your clients can:

  • Create an account … 
  • Apply for benefits … 
    • View and apply for any type of program or service you set up in the client portal
  • Clients can save incomplete applications and come back later
  • Securely upload documents … 
    • No limit on the number of documents a client can upload 
    • Affordable charge for document storage
  • Schedule an appointment …
    • Within LIHEAP, clients can pick from a configurable schedule of available appointments that updates in real-time to meet with your intake workers (whether in person or over the phone)
    • This will be available for other programs soon
  • Receive notifications of events like eligibility status letters being added to the portal

Is this portal only available for agencies who already use one of our other software products?

No. It is a standalone system. It does work together with some of our other products, however, such as our LIHEAP software and our client case management software, CSG Engage. 

My agency already uses CSG’s LIHEAP software and/or CSG Engage, the client case management software. How will this decrease my workload even more? 

This online client portal is available as a standalone system – but if your agency also contracts with CSG for LIHEAP or client case management, all three systems are linked for seamless client information transfer!

  • If the client is brand new …
    • Our online client portal will automatically create a new record in LIHEAP and Engage – with all the documents and submission info included!  
  • If the client already exists in our other software … 
    • Our online portal will link the records and automatically attach uploaded documents to their client record. 
  • No need to download and print/save/upload to Engage or LIHEAP!

Do you need more control over the link between the online client portal and CSG Engage and/or LIHEAP?

We also offer the ability to review your client’s submitted forms and applications and decide on next steps BEFORE updating the data entered to their client record.

You can review what is submitted and update the corresponding fields with their submissions.

Do you have more than one program that needs a client portal?

No problem – there are no limits or minimums to the number of programs or services. 

Do you need a way for your clients to securely transmit their documents to you?

As we know, email is NOT a secure method for the submission of such important client documents as SSN cards; driver’s licenses; wage stubs; etc. (Unless you have a specifically secured email system.)

Fortunately, our online portal is highly secure and can handle multiple different file types. 

For example, clients can take pictures of their documents and upload them right from their phone. 

How is this portal secure?

Clients authenticate themselves and are verified against their client records in each program. All submitted documents are encrypted twice upon being stored.

Contact us any time for more information.

Is this portal only for COVID-19 purposes?

Not at all! We created a flexible system for most any purpose. Highly configurable, we can quickly and inexpensively create virtually any type of portal layout that a social services agency or program might need. 

We will work closely with you to learn your workflow and set up your program’s portal exactly as desired!

CSG TeamThe New CSG Client Public Portal

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